The Most Affordable Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Today I am helping  you find the most affordable neighbourhoods in Toronto.  If you’re wondering where you can buy a 1 storey detached home for under $1.2 million? Search no further.  The term affordable can certainly be up for debate, but a number had to be picked. My overall results were based on the average numbers for the end of 2021.  Now before we get started I do want to say there were some outliers that had me scratching my head; specifically the neighbourhoods of Swansea and Lawrence Park North. Typically these are some of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the GTA and somehow they had an average price for the one storey home under $1.2 million.  The rationale? Swansea and Lawrence Park North don’t traditionally have many one storey homes.  My guess is that the few 1 storey homes that were sold, were likely in major disrepair.

In the Centre of it All

If you are looking to buy in Central Toronto there are still a few pockets available, but they
are going fast. Humewood-Cedarvale, Oakwood-Vaughan and Pleasantview are currently the only three neighbourhoods in Central Toronto with an average 1 storey home for under $1.2 million.

West Side Story

Heading to the West end, you are generally looking at three different areas. The first of these is North of St Clair, between Dufferin and Scarlett road and curving along north to Dixon Road. This is where you will find the up and coming Rockcliffe Smythe neighbourhood, plentiful of young families who are priced out of Bloor West and the Junction.  The second option is pretty much everything north of the 401 to Steeles, west of Keele, and finally the third option to the south , which I wouldn’t hold my breath on, is Long Branch.  I helped a client secure a bungalow almost a year ago in this neighbourhood just north of $1.2, so the pickings are few and far between.

Eastern Promises

Without question, the east end is where you are going to get the most bang for your buck. So much so that it is actually easier to count the neighbourhoods that are more expensive than the $1.2 parameter
than it is for those under.

Of course, in today’s ever changing market, nothing is a guarantee and next month I might have to increase my number to houses priced under $1.25. But irrelevant of the closing price, you can count on these neighbourhoods to continue to be the most affordable in all of Toronto.

For a more in depth dialogue about these neighbourhoods, visit my YouTube video on this topic here.