Why Humber Bay is one of the best places to buy in South Etobicoke in Spring 2022

humber bay


The Toronto housing market can be discouraging, but there are opportunities if you look for them, and Humber Bay is one of the best places to buy in South Etobicoke and where first time homebuyers should start their search. Where is Humber Bay? It is that little pocket of neighbourhood that is bordered by Berry Road to the North,  Mimico Creek to the West, The Queensway to the South (where the Ontario Food Terminal is located) and the Humber Waste Water Plant to the East. The neighbourhood that I want to zone in on specifically is that is East of Park Lawn, and south of Cannon Road. This special little pocket of Humber Bay is home to a wide array of different lot sizes, where you can find everything from 1 bedroom bungalows to 4 bedroom new builds. Some lots are 170 feet deep, while others are 90 ft deep.

“Wait, what? Back up a bit

Did you say Waste Water Treatment Plant? As in sewage? As in…poo?”

Stay with me and I promise to explain how this is a non issue.

Over the past few months, my clients have been able to see their money go much further by purchasing a home in this neighbourhood. Homes that would have cost $100-$200,000 more for the same bungalow in the nearby Norseman community.

So why is there such a difference in prices?

Perception isn’t always reality

If you’ve never been to the area before, you might be thrown off by the huge industrial looking area south of the Queensway. Upon first glance you might think that this is a manufacturing plant contaminating the neighbourhood with air pollution, but in reality it is home to the Ontario Food Terminal. This is where the province’s farmers trade their produce with all of the grocers in the province. In fact the food terminal will probably be one of your quietest neighbours, as they are only open until 2pm every day.

Another factor is the Humber Waste Water Treatment Plant (as mentioned above).  Years ago, unfavourable odours were indeed a valid community concern, however in 2018, the Treatment Plant completed a $64 million system upgrade project to mitigate the smells from the project. My sister’s family lives in this neighbourhood and even in the hot summer months no scents are detectable. There is also a current project underway to replace the current aging treatment process equipment.

Finally, the school district is not held in the highest regard. All one needs to do is pull up a ranking of the schools in the neighbourhood to know that they aren’t the top of the heap. However, as with what often happens as neighbourhoods begin to turnover, so too do the schools rankings. There are many young families who are deciding to make Humber Bay their home, and I expect the by the time today’s babies are in grade 3, those numbers will improve greatly.

Aside from price, why else do I think this is a great neighbourhood to buy or invest in?

I have it on good authority that a local builder has purchased 3 properties in this neighbourhood in the past couple of months. One thing I’ve learned in this business is that where the builders are going is where you can expect to see a turnover and substantial price growth. New builds attract people who want shiny and new, and who have the means to afford it. As soon as that starts happening, the competition for smaller properties increases exponentially, because everyone either wants a piece of the “flip” pie, or they want to live in an ‘established’ neighbourhood.

Have any questions? Comments? Do you want to learn for yourself why Humber Bay is one of the best places to buy in South Etobicoke?

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